Friday, 1 April 2011

Evaluation - QUESTION 2

-Deal in stereotypes
-Exaggerations and generalisations
-Useful for the audience to recognise
-All media representations are constructs

 This shot has similarities to the shot of the girl in the exorcist.  We wanted her to smile to show a sort of creepy physco effect.  However our shot has a bit of the mise en scene in the background to show that she is in the same room as the main character.  This lets the audience know more about the film and this followed by the flashbacks will add a twist the film.
This shot of Prince shows him confused and scared, a large audience can understand where the character is coming from.  We have not made this character look terrified just shocked and confused as we didnt not want to confuse the audience and maybe make them feel as though are film was a horror film.
Our media film would attract an audience of young people ranged from fifteen to about twenty three.  Our rating for the film was a fifteen so that we didn't cut out half of the thriller target audience.

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