Sunday, 3 April 2011

Audience Feedback

Everyones films were shown in class, to see how people would react, and so that they could give us some feedback. I was quite worried about what people would think of it.  Also our group had never watched it on a big screen so it was good to see it up front.  We decided that 'Amnesia' was going to be certificate 15 so it was helpful that the people in our class fitted into that age gap. We recieved a lot of positive feedback, such as great editing and sound, this was very reasuring and made us feel more confident about our work.  Lots of people said it was scary, some people even said that it kept them on the edge of their seat purley because of the music.  However we were then told that the lighting was too dark and in some cases it was difficult to see.
      We then wrote all our comments into a program called 'Wordle' which gives ourselfs and others the ability to read the feedback we recieved quickly and easily.

This is an example of what our wordle image looks like.

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