Monday, 4 April 2011

Evaluation-QUESTION 7

When my group first began the filming and editing process we noticed that we would have to get used to a lot of different formats.  The first format we were introduced to was 'Blogger'.
We use it to explain what we are doing throughout the time of filming.  Blogger was one of the easiest formats to use once we we're shown what we had to do.  We added images and films to our blogger page, this made it more interesting than just pages and pages of writing.

Another format we used is google, it helped us a lot when searching for ideas about our film.  It was a quick and easy way to find ideas, and enabled us to look at other films to give us inspiration.  Google was easy to use and none of us had to be shown what to do.
We often used google to search for images for our blog and to search a lot about 'Arlington Road' this is the film that most alike to our film.

We then used YouTube to search for other film trailers and opening sequences.  We also used to help us find sound examples, such as; whispering and voices mumbling and to ensure that we didn't copy anything that had already been done.  We didn't want to make a complete replicate of something that had already been done.

Before we started filming we had a whole lesson in which we we're taught how to use the cameras and the tripod.  This however wasn't that hard once you had been taught and had actually put it into practice it became very easy.  We all had to make sure that we could use it because when it came to filming we all did a bit.  The camera's we're fairly easy to use as they do look quite complicated.  I personally was surprised at how easy I found it.

Once we had finished our filming our teachers introduced my group to Finalcut Pro.  It took me a few attempts, roughly about five lesson before i generally got the hang of it.  Finalcut Pro made editing our film very simple everything you need is there and again I was surprised that I got the hang of it.  If I need to edit anything again I will now find it much easier.

After all our final editing was done us as a group had to learn how to use Soundtrack Pro.  This was out of all the formats the most difficult one for me to use.  I've begun to get the hang of it but I still think I would need help I would not be abel to edit sound with out someone else to help.  However I do believe I have become more familier and confident with it.  Soundtrack pro, already as plenty of sounds and music tracks for you, this enabled my group to find to music very easily we also found some music on You Tube and edited it in.  My groups music was extremely mysterious.  I believe that it was one of the best pieces of music used so far from everyones i've heard so far in our class.  However my opinion could change on Friday when we are able to see everyones.
The final format we used was called Livetype.  I found this very hard to use and didn't really ever manage to get the hang of it.  Whilst in the editing process I much preferd doing the sound or general film editing.  However the format was very useful and contained lots of different font styles and ways in which the text would enter the screen for example 'BOUNCE' and 'DROP'.  We did the titles within one day, and we were told they were very effective.

After we had finished all our filming and editing we converted our film into HandBrake, which then enabled us to put our film on blogger.

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