Saturday, 2 April 2011

Evaluation: Audience Feedback and Comment

Our film was shown in class to our peers, so they could give us some feedback. I was quite scared to see what the final cut looked like and what everyone's reaction would be. We planned for 'Amnesia' to be a certificate 15 so it was helpful that the people in our class fit into our age group. We got a lot of positive feedback, such as great editing and sound. We also got the feedback that we wanted. Some said it scared them and they were sitting on the edge of their seats. On the other hand we got told that the lighting was too dark. This is something that we will have to look at next time we make a film.

I wrote the comments we were given into 'Wordle'  which then gave us an image of the words that came up the most in our feedback in a graphic representation called 'Wordle'. This way we are able to see what everyone said in an easy and quicker way. I have posted this onto the blog for everyone to see.

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