Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Evaluation-QUESTION 4&5

Our media film has received a lot of feedback which has been posted on to our blog already.  Many people have been able to see our film including our peers and teachers.  Later on there will be a DVD released of two hundred copies.
      When discussing our film we made the decision that our film was an independent film.  We received no budget or help.  We were given the basics and told to make ideas about what our story line was.  I believe that with the right sort of advertising our film would be shown in cinema's such as;
We were able to view our own films at 'THE SCREEN ON THE GREEN' on the 5th of April.  As you can see below its not a major cinema.
Our film is a low budget student film and like many others will find its way onto Face book and YouTube and is already embedded into our blog.

When promoting our film I think we would use techniques such as using social networking sites to promite it, we can also use websites and magazines such as 'Total Film' and 'Empire Magazine', T.V adverts and leaflets will also help. Pop ups and adverts on the side of Facebook and You Tube are a good but subtle way of promoting.  We would also put adverts in magazines such as 'Sugar', 'OK' and 'Shout'.

One of the main film magazines is Empire Film Magazine, which advertises new films and stars, also information and advertising for the film. All of the front covers have famous characters from films.  This enables the magazine to promote even further. With the person on the front cover being recognisable it makes the reader want to read the magazine and review the film further.  They range from headshots to a longshot all of which make the film completly clear which is being advertised.  Sometimes the magazine likes to cover the pictures with some of the main title.  The magazine makes it clear that its not just talking about the person on the front cover in the example below Harry Potter.  It shows small examples such as "WOLVERINE, STAR TRECK, THE WOLFMAN, GREEN ZONE, QUANTUM OF SOLACE".  This lets the audience know that each magazine isn't just about one film and one character.  This sounds like an obvious simple thing but it can effect the reader.

This film was made by other AS level students, they gave it the name of "The devils playground".

I chose to review this film because I thought that the titles and editing was well put together.  They got hundreds of hits on You Tube to be precist around 20,289 hits.  This is something they should be very proud about.  There sound works well with the film and doesn't give to much away from the genre.
        Here are some of the comments that this video received.  The feedback was amazing considering it was such a low budget film.

  • Hey, you're media coursework is brilliant
    I'm from Newcastle and we had to do the same and choose a product to create for 'prime time productions' and i did a horror movie trailer and a website
    have you done a2 media? if yes did you do critical investigation?
    my trailers on my channel if you want to check it out :D
    well done, the effects were brilliant and i love the copy you used throughout the video it was amazing!
    very scary when that man was coming towards the video :| brilliant!
  • @artisticphase Thank you!! :D I loved it, it was awesome coursework! Yes iv done A2 got an A in media overall :) and now studying at lincoln uni doing film, TV and drama. Go on my page and look for a film called numbskull, that was my A2 film for my coursework. Checked out ur trailer very creepy! Loved the voice over! nice audio editing! x

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