Saturday, 2 April 2011

Evaluation: In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

'Amnesia' starts as a narrative opening, showing the audience the main characters and the beginning to the film while the titles come up on the screen. The audience our shown the protagonist having flashbacks of a little girl, who has been killed. We used effects to separate the flashbacks from real life. This allows the audience to understand why he was having bad dreams. As Alfred Hitchcock once said the audience need to know what is happening or they will not be interested. We let them know by introducing the death, but we make them want to carry on watching by not letting them know who the girl is.

 We found it very hard to find a movie to compare 'Amnesia' with, because we didn't use one film as inspiration. We like the idea that in 'Memento' the main character has flashbacks, so we decided to use that for the beginning of our film and our character. Also we liked the idea of the fuzzy TV from 'Poltergeist', so we used it in the beginning of our film. Just like 'Poltergeist' we zoomed out of a fuzzy TV.

I chose the image from 'Memento' where we see a cutaway of the bullet used. This reminded me of the cutaway we used to show our main character holding the knife. The comparison of us using a knife and 'Memento' using a gun may be that it is conventional for thrillers to use a gun whereas horrors use knives.

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