Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Evaluation: What have you learned about technologies from the process of constructing this product?

When we got told we had to make a film we decided to use Youtube to search for different openings. We then made a mindmap of ideas that we had and finally decided on one idea. We spent 3-4 hours recording our film, which we used a camera, tripod and a camera light to tape. Because we have used the cameras before for two short films we made, so we were quite confident with them. Once we finished filming we started editing using FinalCut Pro. I only know how to do the simple editing on FinalCut Pro, so it was easy for me and the rest of my
 group to make the rough cut. Then using HandBrake we converted the video to an mp4 so we were able to put it onto our blog. When we done our first ever short film, 'Bag Swap' we were shown how to use HandBrake and since then I have found it easy to do and it was quite simple.

After the rough cut was posted we were left with one more week to finish the whole film, adding effects, sounds and titles. Our technician showed us how to use the effects and the different effects on FinalCut Pro so we decided to use an earthquake effect and fade the colour, so it looks more black and white. After doing this we done a bit of sound, but decided to move onto the titles because they were the most important. It was easy to find the different fonts and effects on LiveType but it still took a long time to do. I enjoyed using LiveType because it is very different and I have never used it before. The hardest was SoundTrack Pro because it was hard to get the sounds at the perfect time and for some sounds we wanted a specific part of them which took time and patience. This took many lessons to finish and get perfect timing. We then used HandBrake to post the final cut onto our blog.

In my opinion, without having used the above software mentioned, the video, audio and titles would not have come together in the way that it did. Throughout the making of our film we all blogged about our journey and about using FinalCut Pro, SoundTrack Pro, LiveType and HandBrake using Blogger. I enjoyed using Blogger because it helped me keep an up to date record of each step throughout the journey of making our film.

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