Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Thriller Sub - Genres

Thrillers can be to a divide into a variety of sub-genres .
These sub-genres include :

Crime thriller : Crime thrillers usually involve murder, killers , chases etc Crime thrillers usally focus on the criminals rather then the policemen  . These types of thrillers are usally action packed and have the audience on the edge of their seats .                          
                                                                                                              Psyschological thriller: Psyschological thrillers are less physical and their is a larger focus on the chracters mental strength and shrewdness/cleverness  . 

Supernatural thriller : Supernatural thrillers normally envolve a hero or villian with un naturalistic super powers . These type of thrillers are normally packed with action and have a varitey of plot twist which create supense

Action thriller :  Action thrillers consist of alot of violence . These type of thrillers are usally fast pace and are ofter pulse raising due to the high level of intensity the run at .

.                          The genre that inspires me at the current moment is pyschological thrillers . They get the audience to think and have the audience cosntantly thinking whilst watching the movie . With Pyschological thrillers , the audience is constantly focused and once you put everything together you get a great sense of acomplisment . Pyschological thrillers are un predictable and  also have numerous twist which can be exhillaration to watch

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