Thursday, 6 January 2011


Intertextuality is the term to describe the visual referencing between films.
     In the film 'What Lies Beneath' there is a scene where the male character carries her up the stairs and lays her in the bath, this is simular to the scene in physco where her body is layed in the bath as she is staring longingly into the camera.  Both characters of which are in danger.
     In the film 'Fatal Attraction' in this clip you see a man break into her house as he chases her, he also tries to strangle her, after he releases her she grabs the nearest weapon which happens to be a knife and attempts to stab him. The same stabbing scene was used in the film 'Physco'.
    Also in the 'Stepfather' towards the end of the film David is shown chasing his girlfriend up the stairs, bursting open the bathroom door as he shatters a mirror, he attempts to stab her but luckily she gets to him first and collaspes into the bath pulling down the shower curtain with him.  This was also taken from the scene in 'Physco'.
     Finally in the student thriller 'Succubus' The small clip shows a boy in the shower whilst the camera is also foccusing on a girl walking down the corridor.  As she gets closer she grabs his jacket and smells it, showing some sort of effection towards him, and then the camera jumps to him and shows her stabing him quickly with his blood dripping everywhere.

In the film the 'Stepfather' in the opening scene David changes his whole identity and gets ready to lave his house, meanwhile the music being played is orchestral and creates suspence as the first murders are revealed.  Later on in the film when the old woman goes to open the door, her cat randomly jumps through the door which would scare the audience as they are always expecting David to show up.  This is an example of a Plateau where there is a large build of suspence yet later the audience finds out that it was nothing.  Finally the scene where the childrens real father comes to visit them the audience find out that he has done some research on David, and we realise that he has been lying, this then makes the audience think that hes capable of lying and we begin to question everything about him.

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