Saturday, 29 January 2011

Intertextuality in films

Intertextuality is when an author borrows and transforms it and they reference the original . Alfred hitch hocks film have become landmarks in the film history and it is no surprise that his films have been referenced in many other thriller films made after him. Spotting these references can be hard to spot but sometimes they are so easy that we look pass them, I have looked at some films which use intertextuality which I find interesting,

In The Step Farther there is a scene where the step farther is chasing after Susan with a Big kitchen knife, she runs upstairs into the bathroom where he has her cornered she then quickly stabs him with a sharp object and runs away the step farther is then left there in pain and he slowly drops into the bathroom and pulls the shower curtain and it drops. Some aspects in this scene is borrowed and  identical to the movie "Psycho" as both killers have big kitchen knifes and the way they killing happened are similar even though in the step farther he did not die the way he fell down and grabbed the shower curtain just like the women in psycho who got stabbed and as she died fell down and grabbed the shower curtain breaking it down.

In the movie fatal attraction the women tries to kill the man using a big kitchen knife it seems as if since psycho many thriller now have big knifes as weapons it has now become and icon object in which you see multiple of time sin horrors and thrillers. I think using a big knife is a sign of danger and over the years it has been known to be used by a lot of serial killers to kill their victims , in fatal attraction the women who tries to kill the man does it in a psycho way she goes all out and attacks him this reminded me of the old women in the shower scene in psycho. The final clips that I watched was a student thriller film called succubus where there is a young boy showering while he does that we see camera shots of somebody walking towards the bathroom. we then see a young girl smelling the young boys clothes very passionately showing that she has strong emotions for this young boy she then later gets a knife and stabs him we then see blood dripping showing death. From looking at these clips I have released that  many films borrow from one another and it has been happing for  along time now. From the use of the big knife or using shower scenes or crazy women as killers they all interlink with each other one way or another. All of them creating suspense

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