Friday, 21 January 2011

Introdution To Camera Skills.

When first given the camera's, we we're given a task to film a bag swap. We had an hour an and a half to do this in, we filmed around thirty one short sences and edited them together. We only put a very small amount of vocabulary in our short film, as we thought this would be more effective. Three things we could do to improve our film would be to plan more carefully and more thoroughly. Also to use the tripod a lot more as some of our filming was very shaky and looked unprofessional. Lastly we did not have that much time to film, so it would have been better to have had slightly more time, or to have used our time more co-operavitely. Three things we did that were successful were editing our film we knew what we wanted it to look like. Also we all were assined to do different things and sometimes work together but because we all knew what each individual was doing things ran smoother. Finally we took this as a good practice lesson, and we know feel that when we do our real film, we will be much more prepared.

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