Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Introduction To Camera Skills

 How to use the camera 
In our lesson we were taught ...
  • How to film 
  • How to adjust the camera on the tripod 
  • How to place the battery in the camera and take it out
  • How to put the memory card in the camera 
What NOT to do with the camera
  • Do not leave the camera unattended
  • Do not withdraw the camera without using your media card 
For our task we had to film a bag shot scene . We all discussed how we was going portray this scene .  Although we had a variety of ideas , we all decided on one strong idea . We came up with conclusion  the main 2 characters were going to be spy's  one of the characters face was going to be kept hidden this gave the the scenes a sense of mystery . This was challenging as we had to film a variety of different camera angles without showing of the spy's face . We had approximately 1 hour and a half  to do this . We tried to keep dialogue to a minimal to preserve a mysterious element to the scene . Once we had finished film our scenes we decided we needed to edit them . We filmed over 20 scenes and chose the best out of them . We did the editing in final cut , this was the second time i used this programme it was effective and was able to edit our video smoothly .    

The things we did well
  • We used a variety of shots 
  • We was direct and straight to the point 
  • Our point of view shot was realistic 
  • We were time efficient

Things we could improve on
  • Their was to much space above the characters  heads
  • We also needed to film more scenes , lack of scenes meant that we did not have much selection 

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