Wednesday, 26 January 2011

How suspense is created in The Step Farther

In class we watched the film The Step Farther, While watching the film I marked
three suspenseful moments. 

The First Example is from the opening scene of The Step Farther. The scene opens up with the step farther in the bathroom  shaving his beard and changing his looks. At first look this seems normal yet we discover that his indeed transforming himself into a somebody else and changing identity's why we do not yet know. He then later goes down stairs with his luggage, The mis en scene of the house if very warming it is Christmas so there are Christmas decorations, pictures of the family and so on. We get a sense of a loving home. As he walks to the kitchen and makes himself some coffee and toast church hymns start to play this does give the scene a celebration feel as it is Christmas but yet the song is in some way sinister as the song is very airy and
in a way scary also them using the church hymns can also relate to death. 

As the step farther finishes his  coffee and toast he walks out of the kitchen then the camera drastically tilts to the side and there the audience sees a little boy his face laying on the breakfast table dead. This creates lot's of tension as the camera tilts revealing the body it puts the viewer in shock as that is not what they suspected to see so they go into shock. When revealing  the body the music also changes it's tone and the pitch goes lower helping create further

As the step farther makes his way out the house more and more body's of the family is revealed all of them dead. In the surrounding of their own home. This whole scene creates lot's of suspense as in the beginning we see what we think is a normal man shaving and changing his looks go down stares to discover that he is a murderer the tilt of the camera and the different angles of the dead bodies gives the audience knowledge that this man has killed this family. The audience is in shocked and in suspense as they do not know why he has done this and what has happened. The man later walks to the door b4 leaving he looks at the body of a dead girl on the floor where he has a flash back of him attacking her, this also indicates that this man might be psychopathic. He the leaves this leaves the audience engaged in the film and makes them what to know more.

The Second Example is The death of the elderly women next door neighbour. One day the elderly women next door warned Susan about her new husband stating the she saw him on America's most wanted. Susan laugh sit off and then tells the stepfather later. Us knowing the truth we know he is a killer and the old women was right. When Susan goes out to the elderly women's house. At the old women house she hears the door ring and she goes to answer it but nobody is out there. so she steps out to check while doing so we get a point of view shot of somebody watching the old women, this adds suspense as the audience know that something might happen. As Alfred Hitchcock explained suspense can be created when the audience knows something the character doe snot know so us seeing somebody watching her creates suspense. As the old women comes back into the house the camera goes back on her as she looks around. As she comes back into the house we suddenly see a black figure run across the camera this creates shock and makes the audience shock as it was unexpected. The camera then turns and shows that it was just a cat and she is also re leaved. As she then turns around there standing there  is the step farther the audience then jumps again as we know he is not happy at the fact she told Susan about him,. He then grabs her while she struggles the audience have sympathy for the old women as we know she cannot fight back because of her age. we get different shot's of him pushing her aggressively the suspense is killer as we do not know what he attends to do with her  He then Pushes her down the stairs where she breaks her neck causing death.  

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