Sunday, 23 January 2011

Thriller Sub-Genres

Thriller is a genre of film, literature and television. Thrillers
are known for creating intense excitment, suspense and tension.

There are many types of sub-genres in thriller here is a list
some of the sub-genres.

Crime Thrillers ( Collateral, Deja Vu, Eye For An Eye)
Psychological Thrillers (Black swan, Phycho, Donnie Darko)
Supernatural Thrillers (The Others, The Six Sense, What Lies Beneath)
Action Thrillers (Rambo, Salt, James Bond)

Deja Vu (Crime Thriller)

Crime thrillers show different accounts of crime, usually focused on
criminal activity consisting of murders, robberies, guns and
car chases all of these are used to create a action packed crime film.

Psycho (Psychological Thriller)

Psychological thrillers tend to be about things related to the mind
or how the mind is processed. Most characters have conflicts to do
with the mind rather than physical conflict. Characters often try
to discover what is real or not and are sometimes confused on their
own identity. Some thrillers show a persons perception of the world
through their eyes.

The Six Sense (Supernatural Thriller)

Supernatural thrillers always keep viewers at the end of their seats
just like in horror films using the same elements with ghost and death.
Most supernatural thrillers characters battling some sort of paranormal
force or a situation where they are influenced or controlled by
otherworldly forces. These types of films have audiences heart pumping,
second guessing and frightened.

Rambo (Action Thriller)

Action thriller is a very well known sub-genre as it is used a lot
in many thriller films. Action thrillers have big explosions and
consist of guns, bombs, and violence. They are used a lot in big
holly wood blockbusters. They can have some elements of crime
thrillers and mystery with the help of all these things action
thrillers are very fast paced and fun to watch films.

For me personally I enjoy watching supernatural thrillers as I
think hey create more tension and suspense then the other sub-genres.
Supernatural thrillers grab audiences more as they use very good
story lines that keep the audience anticipating for more on what
is going to happen next. They keep you at the edge of your seat
as they are so intense and get your heart pumping. Supernatural films
also play with your mind just like phychological films sometimes it
is hard to know what is real and not but that also plays a role in what
makes them exciting and captivating. One of my all time favourite Supernatural
film is the Final Destination film saga.

Here is a link below to a clip of final destination.

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